How Our Consignment Works


Second Chance Consignments is a small business with limited staff, so we ask that you make an appointment for us to review your items. At your appointment, you can bring up to 20 items for consideration. All items must be clean, ironed and hung. Clothing with any tears, pet hair, stains, odors or defects will not be accepted. We accept styles that have been purchased in the retail stores within the last 5 years. We accept casual clothing only (no blazers, dress pants or gowns.)

We offer a 60 day consignment period. Items may be discounted after 30 days at our discretion. Second Chance Consignments only takes on items we believe will sell within the 60 day period. We reserve the right to mark down the merchandise at any time for promotional purposes.  

Second Chance Consignments will choose the prices your items are sold for based on past sales and current demand from our customers. We strive to set good prices for both our customers and our consignors. Commission on items is 50%. Payments are made by check or store credit. Any unclaimed balances over 1 year will be forfeited to the store. There is a $5.00 consignment fee per year.

If you do not come in to collect your unsold items at the end of your 60 day consignment period, your items will become the property of the store and may be donated to charity.

We are not responsible for damage, theft or loss of your items. Second Chance Consignments policies are subject to change at any time.



Items that sell the best:


- Summer dresses

- Shirts

- Unique household decor

- Jewelry

- Designer Handbags




Second Chance